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Translation, editing, proofreading, subtitling, copywriting, localization, SEO

Global network of talented ECO linguists supporting eco-friendly businesses.

The Founders and ECO-preneurs: Marianne (right) and Susanne (left)

After spending a few years in the logistics and banking businesses, Susanne has been doing translation, editing, and proofreading for famous brands for more than 20 years. She lived in Denmark, Turkey, UK, and Malta. She is holding BA Degrees in Economics, Marketing & Public Relations, Logistics Management, a Certificate in Translation, a TEFL/TESOL English Teacher Certificate, and a Certificate as a Nutrition Coach. She translates from 11 languages and she is studying eco friendly building.

Marianne graduated as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. Working on various laboratory projects, she spent a few years in Ireland. She is holding a Degree in Translation. Currently, she is a PhD student (thrombosis and haemostasis) while working as a researcher. She is involved in environmental protection, yoga, and vegan lifestyle.


Translation, editing, proofreading, independent revision, copywriting, localization, transcreation, transcription, subtitling, SEO, market research, voice-over, DTP, linguistic testing, copy adaptation, gamification, storytelling, webdesign services


Our native translators and editors localize your content for the target market. Pricing depends on the type and length of the text, as well as the deadlines. Please contact us for quotation by email.


Designing the complete linguistic profile and processes for your business, including branding, texts for the web, catalogues, and presence on social media channels. Cultural consultation.


Blogging, creative writing for social media channels, search engine optimization for your website. Updating old and outdated texts.


We believe that languages are bridges to a sustainable future.

100% dedication to ECO projects

Unique solutions tailored to your business

Focusing on long-term partnerships

20+ years of experience

100% human services

Support of a global team with diverse cultural backgrounds

Our linguists are committed to sustainable living

In-depth expertise in the local markets

5% of our annual profit invested in planting trees

Our mission is to serve businesses involved in

● organic farming

● construction and building

● furniture, home appliances

● fashion, apparel

● vegan and vegetarian food & beverages

● slow-food initiatives

● organic nutrition supplements

● fine arts

● eco tourism

● toy manufacturing

● data science

● quantum computing

● carbon-neutral webhosting

● webdesign


The process of cooperation

1. Contact us by email at with your request.

2. We will reply within 3 working days and let you know our offer.

3. We will discuss the details and sign the documents.



● Susanne’s work is polished and accurate. She appropriately adapts style and tone to the content type and to the goals of our clients. The quality of her service is impeccable in terms of professionalism, communication, responsiveness, timeliness and delivery. I recommend her for future jobs and would contract her again. For further information regarding her collaboration with us, do not hesitate to contact me. –
Kate Weaver
Project Management Department Manager, Andovar Pte Ltd

● Susanne is without a doubt one of the most professional service providers in the business and her quality is excellent. Our client was very satisfied. – Klaus Petzel, DilDizayn, Cyprus
● Excellent linguist, very communicative and always happy to assist. Never missed a deadline and responses in no time. – Erez Hershkovitz, My-Word Ltd., Israel
● Excellent cooperation, timely delivery. – Sano Global Technologies Ltd., China
● I have no hesitation in recommending Susanne. Prompt delivery, high accuracy. – Eva Bartilucci, Exxacto Ltd., Germany
● Always reliable and professional. – Jan Rada, Langfor Ltd., Czech Republic
● Susanne is very reliable and we often use her services. – Corporate Translation Services, Ireland
● Very helpful and attentive in her work. I would surely recommend her. – Adrian Gherghel, Prematrans Ltd., Romania
● Based on her quality and professionalism, I recommend Susanne for future jobs. – Patrick Gardiner, Capita Ltd., UK
● Susanne has been registered at thebigword Ltd. since 2010. The projects carried out by her have been related to various specialisms, including technology, business, health, tourism, legal and marketing and online gambling. – Natasha Ayrton, thebigword Ltd., UK


“Sometimes all we need is to be surrounded by a group of others trying to do better.”

– Neil Patel

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